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Developing assets for a new dollop brand

As a brand Designer I've been wanting to give my own company a refresh. Developing more brand assets beyond just logo, typeface and color palette. BTW, Why do we develop Brand Assets? What are they? Specifically, why do I feel I need them now?

What's a dollop?

I often get asked this, why I chose the name dollop for my freelance design company. I chose the name is 2010 when I first started playing with the idea of starting my own company, shortly after I returned to college at The Art Institute of Portland. I had been a painting major, I worked in many mediums and was now learning so much more about design. I wanted to chose a name that encompassed a little bit of everything. My love of art & design and all the sweet tidbits of creating that I was dipping into. I didn't want to limit myself. What creator would? However, being too broad can confuse people. I've found that even my closest of friends still have no idea what I can do. Maybe they still only think of me as a painter. Maybe I need to better market myself to the world! For these reasons, I'm further developing my own brand assets and creating a bit of an informational self-promo adventure.

It begins with a drop:

I've wanted to develop the dollop drop shape into a mandala of repeating drops.

Here's a visual:

6 drops rotated equally - Each drop symbolizing a different service that dollop Creative offers.

  • Graphic Design

  • Illustration

  • Branding

  • Painting

  • Web Design

  • Marketing

I'm loving how its coming together. Developing the drop and mandala opening like a flower represents the beauty of creating I wanted to focus on. Worlds can be created with a single idea, a single drop can become something new and exciting. Playing with shapes and potential icons.

Business Cards

Branding is still in the works, but I'm liking where this is going. Open to any feedback.

Happy to help you with your branding needs.


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