Mama Bird & Co

Its been so fun creating the new Mama Bird & Co. website >> and a pleasure working with owner Tori Tinnon.

Starting with their existing Etsy shop, we converted everything over to a new Shopify eCommerce website using the "Etsify" app. The app is easy to use (and worth the one time $69 fee) acts as a cross-over hub to and from Etsy to Shopify. Load time took roughly an hour and a half for all 300+ items in her store to transfer over... but I made chocolate chip cookies while I waited, so it worked out great. Talk about multi-tasking done right... nom nom.

Since the initial website creation we've had fun updating seasonal design elements, started regular blog posts, designed flyers and coupon pop up windows, connected to social media outlets (which is a great way to bring in business).

Flyer design:

Pop up window:

Here's the new November header:

I've pulled together their branded elements here. I'm not sure who designed their fabulous logo...but I love it.

Check out my hard work and snag one of their fabulous Tshirt designs at