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Bodyology Branding

This is one of my favorite logos & brand design projects to date!

Owner, Vikki, approached me for a logo redesign. The goal being a new softer look. We talked about Renaissance painter Leonardo Di Vinci's Vitruvian Man, and potentially incorporating a dragonfly with soft colors and a watercolor feel. Bringing up ideas of geometric nature, the flower-of-life and soft warm hues of blue and purple.

Color Palette:

BODYOLOGY is all about healing from the inside out. Targeting the root of pain, in various approaches, physically (massage) and mentally (health coach). So soft trusting blues often associated with hospitals and wellness brands...and, royal purples often associated with massage clinics and royalty-lifestyle brands made perfect sense. The soft tri-color gradient behind the white dragonfly helps create a soft watercolor aesthetic. The printing...oh the pretty printing, on the business cards kicks it up a notch with a silver foil pop! Shout out to for great printing services.

Branded Elements:

The geometric mandala-flower-like shapes can be separated and used throughout her branding. The main flower-dragonfly mark is used as the FavIcon (icon that appears in your browser). The soft modern typeface is the Soleil family. Great for print and web design.

What a fun project!

Learn More about Bodyology here:

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