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Chakra Designs

At Last! A 2+ year project has been completed. Finishing a project always feels great, but this one is especially close to me. As a personal project I created my own designs for each of the 7 main chakras.

All original designs are wood-burned & painted with acrylic / mixed media with iridescent washes and metallic details. These organic geometric shapes are represented by the related lotus pedals, associated colors, symbols and stones.

I absolutely love looking at all of these together hanging in my house. As I look at each I think of how I can better balance my own life. Taking a moment to reflect on each chakra and its associated characteristics can be very telling of so much. The good / the bad, the easy times / the struggles, the areas we may be stuck in / may be thriving in. Each time I meditate I envision each chakra spinning like a perfectly balanced vinyl record spinning in space. They are such a part of our story, the colorful energetic life force that we all have access to. Truly fascinating. Seemingly invisible energy that I'm so pleased to put my own visual 'spin' on.

Thank you so much for looking.

Here is a short video on the process:


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