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Sunny Days at the Market

The sun is shining downtown Corvallis this week. Its been hot and super busy. I've got the best people and dog watching at the market and some serious gardening hat envy. Plus, there are an impressive number of inspiring creatives selling at every booth.

Setting up...some days are easier than others. Getting ready early in the morning, especially when you've never been a very good morning person, is difficult. But I go through the motions of setting up with help from my husband. As soon as I get to open up my boxes of product and start tweaking all the pretty sparkles, its SO WORTH IT! I absolutely love doing the Saturday Artisan Fair in downtown Corvallis. This has been my first year at the market...and really, my first market experience with my own business.

Since leaving my Bartending job at Squirrel's Tavern I've really missed the downtown energy and chatting with my regular locals and favorite people. Being at the market once a week has filled that missing link and I'm happy to see so many familiar faces come say hi to me. Now, expanding my pool of friends, creatives and getting to know more folks outside of the bar scene has been really exciting and inclusive. I have a much broader sense of community that I'm really appreciating.

I moved back to Corvallis (from Bend, Seattle, Portland, Canada, Arizona) in 2019 and since its been an incredible roller coaster. Absolutely heartbreaking and difficult at times, matched with the most amazingly beautiful moments during hugely transitional years. Went through a divorce, COVID happened, met my now husband and walked along side him as he underwent a live-saving liver transplant in 2021. Its been too much too quick to really be able to process everything correctly, but I'm doing my best to learn as I grow.

I've been applying right and left to jobs in my field of study since January, locally and remote work...So far, nothing has fit. I realize that the majority of my work experience IN Corvallis has been seasonal farm and floral work or Bartending. Outside of those two things, I've yet to find grand opportunities for Artists/Designers here. Recently I was reminded of a quote"

"If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one. – Dolly Parton

Which made me think...maybe I can't find the perfect path because it doesn't yet exist. I've got to make my own. Easier said than done, right? I can make product, but you need money to make money and I don't have much. I didn't have a tent, tables, displays... Then, enter gramma and supporting family. Everyone pooled together and quickly grabbed me everything I needed to get going and start making some income of my own. I can't say thank you enough. I have felt so supported.

We are now going into week 6 and its heating up. Learning what products people respond to and picking up really good pointers from other vendors. Hoping to join at least a couple more markets this summer.

Come visit at the Corvallis downtown Saturday Artisan's Market. Right next to the Farmer's Market on 1st street. Can't wait to show you all our hard work.


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