Squirrels Tavern Website

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

New website & brand design project for Squirrel's Tavern in downtown Corvallis OR.

Starting with a logo re-creation from a long time favorite logo design---Since we didn't have the logo file in vector form I did a little trouble shooting to match the typeface and swash detail. Keeping the fabulous squirrel illustration by local artist, Dennis Day. Typeface matching led me to 'Palatino Linotype' font which carried over into other elements within the website, mainly body copy. Adding 'DIN Neuzuit Grotesk' font for large headings and 'Love is the Antidote' font for a funky script option with a sporty vibe.

Branded elements came naturally, pulled from the colors already within the tavern, menu and shirt designs. The pops of yellow color match, well...cheddar cheese...mmmmm.

Visit the site at

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